MEDICAL COLLEGE (Southern California) INC.



November 2002


Objective: This is a not-profit, non-political volunteer organization. Its objectives is to strengthen the connection and bounding of its members, to improve scholastic communication among its members, to foster the exchange of information with other alumni associations, related organizations and with our parent school, the Sun Yat-Sen University Medical College (SUMC ), and to advance the development of SUMC. An Association conference shall be organized at least annually and a local chapter meeting may be scheduled more than once a year.

Membership: Anyone who has studied or worked at SUMC or its preceding institutes is eligible to apply for membership. A member of the Association has the right to participate in the activities of the Association, as well as the right to elect or be elected to be the Board of Directors. There shall be an annual membership fee determined by the Board of Directors. The annual membership fee is ten dollars per person for the present. Contributions from members of Association, other well-intentional persons and institutions are encouraged.

Board of Directors: The executive body of the Association shall be the Board of Directors. The Directors of the Board shall be elected by secret ballot of the members every two years. The Board of Directors shall have the authority to make decision and manage the Association.

Chief Officers of the Board: The chief executive officers of the Association are the President and Vice Presidents. The President and Vice Presidents shall be elected by the Board of Directors and hold the office for two years. They shall be eligible for reelection and serve for the maximum of two terms. The President shall be responsible for chairing all meetings of the Board of Directors. President and Vice Presidents shall be responsible for carrying out the activities of the Association.

Committees: The Board of Directors shall designate one member of the Board as the President and five members of the Board as Vice Presidents. Seven members of the Association shall be elected as Directors of Board. The Board shall also establish three branch Committees: The Secretary, Public Relation and Activity, and Finance Committee. The members of the Board of Directors shall assist the President and Vice President to conduct all activities of the Association.

Changes to the Bylaws: Changes to the Bylaws shall be approved by more than half of the members and presented to the Board of Directors for approval.



Yong-Jian Lin


Vice President:

Lorinda Liang May Liu Tang Leng Chen

Gong Zhong Li Ganghui Xu